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Meet TiffanyJ (No Space)

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Supa Dope Chick

“A soulful approach to melodic art” is what inspirational soul artist TiffanyJ embodies. Through many forms of artistic expression, she has uncovered her calling and is on a mission to help others free themselves by embracing their uniqueness and individuality.

Award Winning
Established Team

My Story

TiffanyJ began growing her gift of music at First Nazareth Baptist Church where for over 30 years she watched her mother lead the choir. Following her mother’s footsteps, she became part of the award winning, urban inspirational group Eternal Voices. Her understanding of music lead her in 2008, along with her sister and best friend to create Real Records & Entertainment LLC. The partnership birthed several projects including music for Eternal Voices, an Independent film “Addiction: What’s Yours?” and television show “Spare the Rod.” Soon after, she continued her entrepreneurship journey with the establishment of her multimedia design firm, TJ’s Elements LLC.

In 2012, TiffanyJ debuted herself as a solo artist with the release of her single, “Flying Solo.” Soon after, she released an audio-visual collection of original music entitled, “Bird’s Eye View.” The discovery and growth of TiffanyJ led her to create the self-esteem movement for young queens 6-17 years old called Beauty, You Are Boot Camp, sharing her experience of defeating depression and low self-esteem. In Spring 2016, she released her album, “EVOLving,” a musical journey about growing through love.

From the television screen to a bookstore near you, TiffanyJ released her first book, It All Starts with Me: An Interactive Guide to Discovering Self and Loving It, in August 2017 with foreword written by her mentor, Grammy Award Nominated R&B Artist, Angie Stone. She has released several collections of music to include her latest and sophomore album, “Epiphany 3:25”, and has several music videos available.

In 2018, she was led to create and develop the fictional characters, Super Beauty and Handsome Hero, which motivated her to create the Super Beauty & Handsome Hero Pep Talker plush dolls that says over 20 motivational phrases to boost self-esteem. This brand has led her to be featured on BET’s Grand Hustle and Good Morning America and in publications such as Black Enterprise, Essence, and Hype Hair. TiffanyJ also serves as the Creative Director for 7Sunday, a non-profit production platform that showcases independent musical artists primarily representing the Carolinas.

TiffanyJ is just getting started. What will she evolve into next? You’ll have to stay tuned to see.

Where I’ve Worked

2019 - Now
Developer at ThemeNectar
2017 - 2019
Lead Designer at ThemeForest
Photographer for Salient
Junior Designer at Nectar